Helix Kits for HO Scale and N Scale

HO Scale 5-1/2 Turn Helix
Our HO Scale 5-1/2 turn Helix featuring a 31″ radius, 2.31% grade, and an overall rise of 24-3/4″
Helix Side View
Side view of our Helix showing the bent assembly/sub-roadbed support system, and also the 1/2″ thick plywood that eliminates any sagging within your Helix.
HO Scale Helix Top View
Our HO Scale single track Helix showing the twelve-sided construction method that offers superior support and stability for your Helix.
Helix Segments Ends
All of our Helix Kits feature notched sub-roadbed pieces for positive and hassle-free alignment. Pre-drilled pilot holes are provided, and all edges and surfaces are sanded.
Helix Kit Components
The components that make up our Helix Kits, including the main bent assemblies, sub-roadbed pieces, entry and exit ramps, and the placement jig.

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