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Helix Kits and Tables

Our expertly crafted Model Railroad Helix Kits provide you with an affordable alternative to costly custom builds by others and provide superior strength and stability over currently available mass-produced plastic kits or those made with cheaper materials.

Fabricated using high quality plywood and dimensional lumber, our new Helix Kits are offered in both HO Scale and N Scale versions. Single or double track versions are available in both scales, and the radii of our Helix Kits are designed to provide reliable operation and reduced grades.
Each of our Helix Kits come with 12 pre-assembled main bents which ensures a precise grade for your helix without having to deal with threaded rods and nuts for adjustment. Our ½” thick plywood sub-roadbed, as opposed to ¼” from others, combined with the increased bent supports, ensures that there is no sagging throughout the entire helix. This ensures a consistent grade and increases operational reliability of your helix.
Both the HO and N scale versions are available with either 4-1/2 or 5-1/2 total turns for flexibility in designing your levels. For complete specifications and sizes, you can visit our Helix Specifications Page for more details.
Assembly is quick, thanks to our self-aligning sub-roadbed pieces and pre-drilled pilot holes. Using a power drill driver, you should be able to have a completed helix in a weekend or less.
As a complement to our Model Railroad Helix Kits, we offer Complete Helix Table Kits also. These specially designed benchwork sections provide the necessary support for your helix and provide unobstructed access to the interior of the helix once it’s built.
Custom versions are available on request, email us at for a free estimate.

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