Model Railroad Helix Kits

A typical sub-roadbed segment from commercial Helix kits showing the thin 1/4″ material
In comparison, our sub-roadbed is 1/2″ thick.
A typical threaded rod constructed Helix. Although the sub-roadbed is comprised of 1/2″ material, note the long span, which can lead to eventual sagging of your track work and problems operating your Helix reliably.
Helix Kit Components
The components that make up our Helix Kits, including the main bent assemblies, sub-roadbed pieces, entry and exit ramps, and the placement jig.
HO Scale Helix Top View
Our HO Scale single track Helix showing the twelve-sided construction method that offers superior support and stability for your Helix.
Helix Segments Ends
All of our Helix Kits feature notched sub-roadbed pieces for positive and hassle-free alignment. Pre-drilled pilot holes are provided, and all edges and surfaces are sanded.
Helix Table Kit Frame
Helix Table Bent Placement
Helix Table Kit Top
Helix Leg Assemblies

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