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Free-Mo Module Kits

Free-Mo Module Kit Parts

Add Below Track Scenic Features With Ease

Free-Mo 6-8-10 inch Sloped Side Rails
The Recessed Deck versions provide plenty of space below track level for crafting detailed, eye-catching scenery that will wow any viewer, while the Flush Deck Plywood and 1” Foam versions allow for different track configurations.
Our Signature Recessed Deck Modules Featuring Your Choice of 90-degree, 45-degree, or 30-degree Notched Front and Back Side Rails With a ¼” Recessed Plywood Base.

Standard Features You Won’t Find Elsewhere

Leg Assemblies Fold Completely Within Side/End Rails For Easy Transport.
Free-Mo Modules Highlights
Hand crafted with in the USA using lightweight yet durable materials, our EZ-FOLD Free-Mo Modules feature ¾” cabinet grade plywood End Plates, ½” cabinet grade plywood Side Rails, and kiln dried select pine leg assemblies.

Affordability, Quality, and Easy Assembly All In One!

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