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Plywood Top Fully Assembled N Scale T-TRAK Modules

Fully Assembled 1/4" Plywood Top T-TRAK Modules from The Model Railroad Benchwork Store

All of our Fully Assembled Plywood Top T-TRAK Modules include the following features:

Built to exacting T-TRAK standards to ensure compatibility with other T-TRAK Modules.

Light weight construction: Single and Corner Modules weigh less than 2 lbs. Double and End Cap Modules weigh less than 4 lbs.

2-3/4″ Nominal Height per T-TRAK Standards, adjustable up to 4″+

Steel insert and leveling adjusters at all four corners, installed, per T-TRAK Standards.

1/4″ high quality plywood veneer top with track guidelines for Kato Unitrack.

Triple and Quad Modules feature a center cross piece to reduce sagging, drilled for wiring.

All connections are glued for added strength.

No assembly required;

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T-TRAK QUAD MODULE, Fully Assembled, 1/4
T-TRAK QUAD MODULE, Fully Assembled, 1/4" Plywood Top
T-TRAK QUAD MODULE, Fully Assembled, 1/4" Plywood Top
14-3/8" wide, 48-11/16" long, 2-3/4" nominal height.
$50.00 USD

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